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The Future of Cloud Monitoring

StatusGate is a cloud native mesh monitoring solution. Companies can monitor in one place their whole infrastructure with automated service discovery and a powerful mesh incident tracking & alerting system.

A Cloud Native Solution

Kubernetes ready

StatusGate has been built with Kubernetes in mind. The core system can be deployed with a single Helm chart in a k8s cluster, ensuring high availability and infinite scalability.

Status agents are independant Kubernetes Operators which collects informations from your other clusters.



Deploys in minutes and automatically monitor all your ingresses


Track down incidents and provide an unified view of all outages

Web interface

A beautiful and modern web interface with a blazing fast query system, incident resolution tracking, customer views and much more…

API & Extensions

Suits your monitoring needs with a clear and extendable API interface. Get health status of any hardware or software in real time.

Graph Dependencies

Fully customizable dependency tree of all your resources, with custom rules definitions for status health and failure zones.

Alert Automation

Free your engineers and customers mind by creating custom rules for outages alerting. Receive real time alerts for any incident and automatically ping your customers when it’s resolved.


Active  Research & Development

StatusGate is maintained by Log’in Line, an IT service company and startup studio with years in deep tech consulting and cloud expertise.


Used by 500+ critical production services.


And more than 100 startups / companies